The lark's tongue

The Lark’s Tongue is a uniquely inspiring and sustainable residential recording studio and creative hub. It reconceptualizes traditional studio design to reflect modern record making, combining acoustic acuracy with environmental awareness.

The studio is effortlessly integrated into its surroundings, 14 acres of which have been largely re-wilded and now sequester more carbon than the studio generates.

A ground source heat pump collects the stored heat of the fields and sends it to the studio’s concrete floor. And that concrete floor, partnered with vaulted ceilings, produces an absolutely incredible natural reverb!

In the artist cottage which houses 2 double guest bedrooms there is also a large writing studio which overlooks the vegetable garden to one side and the studio courtyard to the other.

In the main house kitchen there’s an 8 metre deep well which provides water for most of the toilets, dishwasher, washing machine and outside taps.

Every morning the geese and ducks come up from the lake to the kitchen door for their breakfast while Atticus the macaw free flies outside, returning when he’s ready for his.

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