How we work with artists

We started Youthemic (Youth-emic) Publishing in 2016. Alongside our global partner Peer Music we help artists find their musical identities within a supportive and nurturing environment.


gabrielle aplin

what we do

artist development

As musicians and writers, we get just how hard it can be to create honest, authentic music that also communicates to a wide audience. We nurture and encourage new artists to grow by providing them with experienced support and the time they need to discover their sound.


As well as creating we also account. With the help of our global partner Peer Music Publishing we collect the royalties generated by Youthemic artists and account to our artists, fairly and accurately.


We sometimes release music when an artist is right at the start of their career. Like Anna Straker’s ‘Serious EP’, Usna’s ‘BOO’ and Fono’s ‘Real Joy’.


An increasingly lively part of our business is sync – licensing our music for use on films, TV, games and commercials. Working with Peer and Accorder Music sync teams we have enjoyed success with some amazing projects!

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